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House of Hope Healing and Retreat Center

We introduce people to the healing presence of Jesus so they will have life changing encounters with God and experience true freedom.

Value Statement

  • We value integrity, honesty, compassion, respect and continual self-improvement;
  • We are committed to abused and neglected children and recognize the significant responsibilities we undertake on their behalf;
  • Consider each child unique and valuable with different needs;
  • Employ ethical, resourceful, creative and evidence-based means to meet the needs of each child;
  • Believe that educating others about child abuse is an integral part of our challenge.

The Dominican Republic is currently ranked as the world’s third most popular destination for SEX tourism, and over 25% of the sex workers are FEMALE MINORS.

While sexual victimization is wrong under all circumstances, it easily takes root in abject poverty. And there is much poverty on the island that contains Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. The average family living in the concentrated slums or barrios

Sexual abuse and molestation is wicked in all of its forms, and deadly in every geographic location. In the Dominican Republic, it is especially destructive as it damages the innocence of young children and predisposes these children to hopelessness, despair, violence and multi-­‐generational poverty. And, it is estimated 80% (8 out of 10) of girls growing up in the barrio experience sexual abuse before the age of 15.

The cycles of neglect and abuse continue generation after generation. Many girls were conceived when their mothers were in their early teens. Continuing in the cycle, they too become mothers in their childhood.

Everyday there are hundreds of boys and girls who are abused emotionally, physically and sexually by their own family members. This can result in permanent mental scars being left for life.

With no help in sight for these young people, The House of Hope was set up.

Children were found to be more open about the issues that were affecting them when taken out the community that they are from.

Because of this we are reaching out to you to help fund our cause to purchase land to become a safe haven for this young boys and girls.

We need to raise a total of $160,000 to complete the following phases:

  1. Phase one purchase land
  2. Phase two build the house of hope
  3. Phase three build girls home
  4. Phase four build other retreat spaces

Make checks payable to Crucial World Changers.

All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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